NextGEOSS – The next generation of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems

NextGEOSS earth observation training applications
The NextGEOSS team pictured at the project launch in Lisbon, January 2017.

Project: NextGEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)

Overview: To develop the next generation of the GEOSS Earth Observation (EO) initiative, enabling global access to EO data using a single search interface. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, this is a major €9m project involving 27 partners from 11 countries.

Purpose: To meet the strategic aims of the EU to extend the commercial use of earth observation (EO) data, NextGEOSS will focus on encouraging and stimulating data exploitation by businesses through engaging end-users, delivering technological developments and promoting the use of GEOSS to support the creation and use of EO activities and commercial services. The project will also identify training needs to encourage wider user-engagement with EO data and its commercial potential.

IEA Role:  The IEA is leading an activity in “Stimulating GEOSS-powered applications” and will be engaging application developers in industry and academia to assess their needs and developing technologies for data search and user feedback, using expertise in Linked Data gained through the MELODIES project led by IEA CTO Dr Jon Blower. Diverse users will be consulted to establish how they would like the GEOSS to evolve.

The 1st NextGEOSS Summit, June 22

The 1st NextGEOSS summit is being held in Helsinki on June 22, immediately following the European GEO Workshop.

Book for the event here (the summit session is on page 2 of the booking process).

The IEA will be organising a training session on user feedback to be held at the University of Reading on September 13th, 2017. We will also be developing open online courses to support the project’s training goals.

Jon joined the launch meeting in Lisbon in January (pictured above).

Timeline: December 2016 – April 2020

Partners: Deimos Portugal (Lead), Elecnor Deimos SpainDeimos ImagingIEA, DLR (German Aerospace Centre), National Observatory of AthensThe Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Swiss Federal Department of the InteriorWorld Meteorological Organization, Open Knowledge Foundation, European Union Satellite Centre, Terradue Srl, University of Reading, Euroconsult SA, Altamira InformationNansen Environmental and Remote Sensing CenterOpen Geospatial Consortium (Europe), Bente Lilja Bye, DLO, University of Twente, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, ARMINES, Autonomous University of Barcelona, European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, Help Service – Remote Sensing SRO, European Grid Initiative, CNR and European Dynamics.

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