Food & Agriculture

Supply chains

Modern fresh produce supply chains are just-in-time, highly competitive and subject to disruption.

Weather is often a significant factor in disruption so growers, distributors and retailers need to optimise their awareness of meteorology and climate to maximise the time they have to respond.

Applying our data science skills across environmental sources and using predictive modelling we can provide the latest information on weather hazards and risks for a wide range of crops, wherever you are in the world.

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Climate impact

Changes in the timing of growth and harvesting of crops affects quality, availability and logistics, especially for large, global growers and retailers of crops that take time to mature, such as vineyards and olive groves.

Our clients frequently ask us about what growing conditions they should be preparing for in the seasons ahead. This is still a challenge for traditional weather forecast systems, but by exploiting new analytical approaches we are able to deliver more reliable insight into the conditions to expect over the weeks and months ahead.

Our philosophy is to work in close partnership with our clients to deliver the tools and insight they need, to complement their own expertise and judgment.

We can deliver fast, easy access to datasets without the pain and expense of finding, accessing and cleaning data, through intuitive application programme interfaces (APIs) translating climate datasets into an indicator that is meaningful to producers.

Let us develop the bespoke environmental analytics products you need to provide you with the best quality strategy and decision support.

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Risk & weather hazards

The insurance and re-insurance industry relies on new research, tailored datasets and data science innovations to address the increasing occurrence, and social and economic cost of weather hazards. Changing patterns in weather and climate require access to the latest research to inform risk-based decisions

We provide a fast response to specific environmental and climatic challenges through our access to weather data, data visualisation and programming skills.

Our complete environmental analytics service means that we take care of web technology, very large data storage, high performance computing and security.

Read how our data analytics and data visualisations support risk decision-making.

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