Business as usual, despite Covid-19

Published May 2020

Despite Covid-19 lockdown enforcing our 33-strong team to work from home, it is still business as usual on all of our data analytics projects and services.

We are currently working with governments, businesses and organisations in Palau, Montserrat, Mauritius, Vanuatu, Seychelles, Tonga, St Lucia, Brazil, China, Europe as well as the UK, to name but a few, in order to provide the tools for decision-makers to make better use of environmental data in sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

Thanks to the international nature of our work, we were already experienced in running projects remotely. For instance, on our RE-SAT project, members of our energy team can hold a virtual workshop with Palau at breakfast, ‘visit’ Mauritius for lunch and discuss business in Vanuatu over a nightcap at midnight!

Learning in Lockdown – our free Big Data course has been extended

Nevertheless it can be difficult to stay motivated when we are working for long periods in isolation so short, high quality and relevant courses are a great way to upskill and gain a sense of achievement. Our free online course – Big Data and the Environment – has proved so popular with participants around the world during the Covid-19 restrictions that we have extended its run until the end of July. The online discussion forums are a great way to make new contacts too. Check it out and keep informed of the latest techniques in environmental data science.

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25 members of the IEA team taking part in a virtual meeting are captured in a screenshot of their web cam images, against a series of their domestic backgrounds ranging from bookshelves to children's playrooms - one complete with 2 children.
It’s a data date: The IEA team’s skills in remote working and online communications mean it’s business as usual during the Covid-19 lockdown, including our regular Team Meetings.