Earth observation and climate change policy formulation and monitoring for cities

Event summary and materials

The Space4Climate group partnered with the London Climate Change Partnership to explore how Earth observation (EO) could be used to support and develop sector-led approaches to climate resilience and adaptation planning in London.

The workshop took place on the 13th February 2018 and was chaired by Professor Chris Rapley, Chair of the London Climate Change Partnership. The event brought 33 professionals from across the research, industry, policy and third sector communities.  The structure included a series of presentations, providing an overview of the Space4Climate group, the London Climate Change Partnership, current examples of EO supporting global indicators through to more localised management including how EO analytical tools can support city resilience.

Download the event report (which also contains the event programme and delegate list) here

Talk materials

UK Climate EO expertise and capability  Briony Turner, Space4Climate. Slides available here

London’s sector-based approach to city resilience  – Kristen Guida, London Climate Change Partnership. Slides available here

Earth Observation -from global indicators to city level prognostics and monitoring tools  – Prof Stephen Briggs,Visiting Scientist University of Cambridge & University of Reading. Slides available here.  Listen to the talk here (please note recording quality improves 1:30 in)


Walking the Talk after Paris: the role of EO analytical tools in city level climate risk management   – Prof Charles Kennel, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Cambridge. Slides available here.  Listen to the talk here.


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