Briefing: Future Flood Risk

  • Date - Thursday, June 9, 2016
  • Times - 10.30am-3pm
  • Cost - Free
  • Leader - Dr Justin Butler, CEO Ambiental
  • Location - British Library, London
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There is an 80% chance that somewhere in the UK will experience extreme river flows in any given year. With flood risk in the UK increasing due to urbanisation and climate change the IEA will be taking part in this exclusive briefing for insurers, utilities operators and infrastructure managers at the British Library on June 9.

CTO Dr Jon Blower will provide an expert view on how visualisation can be used to look at future flood risk, monitoring and asset protection.

New IEA Partner the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is also taking part in the briefing, titled ‘Understanding and Managing Future Flood Risks: new technologies and data solutions for infrastructure, utilities and insurance’.

The briefing has been organised by the Flood Risk Team at Ambiental and it will be introduced by CEO Dr Justin Butler. 

Recent research suggests that increases in winter rainfall intensities can be ascribed directly to climate change. The briefing will provide an overview of the nature and severity of these risks and the new data sources, technologies and methods available to better understand, map, model and respond to increasing flood risk to people, infrastructure and assets across the UK.

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