ESA Living Planet Symposium

  • Date - May 9-13 2016
  • Location - Prague, Czech Republic

The IEA and some of our Partners will be taking part in the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Prague from May 9-13.

IEA CTO Dr Jon Blower’s presentation on Tuesday afternoon is titled ‘Earth Observation and the Web of Data – how can we join the dots?’.

IEA Partner NCEO will be taking part in the collaborative UK Space Agency stand and will give presentations as follows:

  • Monday, 12.35: “Decadal reanalysis of biogeochemical indicators and fluxes in the North West European shelf by assimilating ESA CCI Ocean Colour”, Stefano Ciavatta
  • Monday, 13.00: “Investigations into global bio/non-biological Methane Mapping from Space”, Ed Malina
  • Tuesday, 12.20: “UK Climate Datasets from Space: Land Surface Temperature”, Darren Ghent
  • Wednesday, 12.40: “Evaluating processes in tropical forests with remote sensing data”, Joao Carreiras
  • Thursday, 12.40: “Sea Surface Temperature”, Chris Merchant

The new Climate Data Exploration Demonstrator will be showcased by PML Applications Ltd on the stand. It was commissioned by the UK Space Agency’s Climate Data from Space Stakeholders Group (CDSSG) and the project was managed by the IEA. The demonstrator, built by PML Applications Ltd, addresses the significant challenge of giving users flexible and easy access to usable, relevant climate data. [More on this project here]

Deimos Space has submitted a poster for its SAFIY (Smart Application for Feature extraction & 3D modelling using high resolution satellite Imagery)  project and will present a project overview on the UK Space Agency stand every day at around midday. With funding from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP), Deimos Space UK has been working with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) in Dubai to automate the production of geospatial information based on satellite data that could be used by Government departments to aid planning and monitor change as part of the Smart Dubai initiative.

Telespazio Vega is expected to feature the CCI Open Data project led by Hannah Clarke.

STFC will be on the RAL Space and UKATC stand, it will be manned by Sarah Nash and Chris Bee from RAL Space and STFC BD teams and Andy Vick and Donald MacLeod from UKATC BD teams. Caroline Poulsen will be presenting on ESA Climate Change Initiative work and Barry Latter will present on the Remote Sensing Group’s work on retrieving ozone profiles from satellites: ERS2, Envisat, MetOp, Sentinels 5P/4/5, particularly in relation to the ESA CCI-Ozone project. RAL Space Director Chris Mutlow will also be attending.

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