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“This is your chance to meet a range of scientific specialists using Earth observation data who are both using and shaping the NextGEOSS platform for varied applications – from air quality to food production”

Posted August 16, 2018

By Vicky Lucas

Training & Development Manager of the IEA

Are you dabbling in Earth observation but aware that there is so much more it could do for your research or commercial products?

free NextGEOSS training workshop next month [September 11th 2018] offers an exciting opportunity to work alongside the experts behind NextGEOSS, the European data hub aimed at streamlining the use of satellite data.

And it could be the solution you are looking for.

Aimed at upskilling, informing and growing the Earth observation (EO) community you will meet a range of scientific specialists who are both using and shaping the NextGEOSS platform for varied applications – from air quality to food production.

NextGEOSS, a Horizon 2020 project, has a vision to ease access to EO data and this day of training in Geneva, ahead of the EuroGEOSS Workshop, will show what the platform offers. You will find out more about how to exploit the NextGEOSS data hub with NextGEOSS system experts providing information on data available and how to access, process and manage data via the platform.

NextGEOSS provides a suite of infrastructure tools and services for helping the EO community with building enterprise-class applications, opening up EO data and their value-added products to downstream communities. It has an extensive network of pilot projects, experts who are already shaping the platform and extracting data to build their own applications.  From disaster risk reduction to cold regions to territorial planning, this is also an opportunity to meet others who are incorporating satellite data into their applications and learn how you can too.

The experts creating the platform architecture will deliver the training, allowing first-hand access to the knowledge behind the data catalogue, cloud services, analytics and user management.

Sign up on our Training page and for any questions contact me, v.lucas@the-iea.org

Sign-up closes 4th September 2018.

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