Climate Data Exploration Demonstrator

Project: Climate Data Exploration Application for the Climate Data from Space Stakeholders Group (CDSSG)

Overview: This demonstrator, built by PML Applications, addresses the significant challenge of giving users flexible and easy access to usable, relevant climate data from space.

The project was identified and commissioned by the CDSSG and managed by the IEA, working alongside PML Applications which won the competition to design the demonstrator.

The application presents various climate data variables within one environment, which can be easily and quickly analysed and downloaded by date and / or area of the globe. A core function is the suite of simple analysis tools. Simply using a mouse to select an area of the globe and selecting a date or dates from 1998 to 2014, extracts data which, so far, relates to either sea surface temperature or chlorophyll levels. Other fields can be developed in the future such as soil moisture and sea ice levels.

The application shows a huge amount of data on one screen at one time and is accessible to end users who are not necessarily researchers.

The project has produced a Lessons Learned Report to share experiences, particularly regarding networking, libraries and access to data. The application is being distributed as a Docker container so anyone can install it on their machine and plug in their own sensitive data if they wish.

Partners:  PML Applications, CDSSG


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