European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM)

The challenge:  To design a proof-of-concept demonstrator for one of the first European climate services tools for the energy sector. – ECEM

IEA role: Using our expertise in data analytics and visualisation, the IEA has developed the ECEM proof-of-concept demonstrator which now been published online [October 2017} following a series of successful user workshops, to generate wider feedback.

Purpose: The ECEM demonstrator enables the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well different energy supply mixes in Europe will meet demand, over different time horizons (from seasonal to long-term planning over decades), focusing on the role climate has on the combination of energy sources. Changes in climate affect the supply of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, as well as affecting the demand for energy. ECEM will be one of the first European climate services for the energy sector.

The demonstrator gives access to high quality climate and energy datasets, enabling users to:

  • Produce maps and time series plots of the climate and energy variables
  • Modify the appearance of the maps and plots
  • Download the underlying data and / or the maps and plots

You can try the demonstrator for yourself here and contribute your feedback.

Partners: This project is funded by EU Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and is led by the University of East Anglia. Partners alongside the IEA and University of Reading are Electricité De France (EDF, France), Met OfficeARMINES (France), and ENEA (the Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development).

Timeline: Phase 1 – December 2015-December 2016; Phase 2 – January – October 2017; Phase 3 – October 2017 – January 2018

Partners: University of East Anglia (Lead, Electricité De France (EDF, France), Met Office, ARMINES and ENEA.

Links: Copernicus Climate Change Services ECEM project

ECEM proof of concept demonstrator

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ECEM demonstrator
ECEM proof-of-concept demonstrator, developed by the IEA
ECEM energy demonstrator