ESA CCI Open Data Portal Project

Project: Developing an open data portal to tackle climate change for the European Space Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI)

Overview: Using funding from the European Space Agency, the project is focused on building a portal to allow end users in a range of fields to access data on essential climate variables drawn from Earth Observation data – such as greenhouse-gas concentrations, sea-surface temperatures, and the extent and thickness of sea-ice. The data is drawn from the ESA Climate Change Initiative, a  multi-million Euro programme responding to the need for consistent, long-term satellite data to meet the needs of the climate change community.

The ongoing development of an open data portal will enable useful and efficient access to key outputs of the ESA CCI programme. The portal is currently in development and the IEA is delivering a survey of users and producers of Earth Observation data and developers of climate services – such as members of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies – to establish what they need beyond data access, towards a shared platform for collaboration and exploitation of the data. The brief was to involve the widest possible user community. Analysis of the results will establish the needs, priorities and potential for the development of a platform for exploitation, collaboration, analysis, sharing, mining and visualization of large datasets on climate information from Earth Observation.

Timeline: May 2015-2018

Partners: A consortium led by Telespazio Vega UK, with CGI, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Brockmann Consult, University of Reading  and the IEA.

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