Windstorm Climate Service (WISC)

Project: Led by the needs of the insurance and re-insurance industry to address the increasing social and economic cost of severe windstorms, WISC will also be of benefit to other areas such as energy, transport and civil engineering.

Overview: At present, policy and private-sector decision-making is based on very limited information that has little or no reference to future predictions of climate variability and change. This is true for the majority of “catastrophe models” used in the insurance industry to assess risk.

Using cost effective open source tools and data sources it will combine historical data on windstorms from across Europe, with projections, and present the results in a way that can be used in risk modelling, for example.

Visualisation tools will be developed to make all the data accessible and usable.

Timeline: December 2015 – February 2018 (reviewed annually)

Partners: Led by CGI, with partners Telespazio Vega UK, Met Office, KNMI (Dutch Met Office), IVM (Amsterdam), OASIS and Swiss Re