Watch the new ‘Introduction To RE-SAT’ video

Posted August 8th, 2019

By Sally Stevens, Marketing & Communications Manager of the IEA

Our new RE-SAT video has been unveiled, featuring our powerful energy planning platform that is helping small island developing states (SIDS) to reach their renewable energy targets.

Making the transition from harmful and expensive fossil fuels to reliable renewable energy is challenging despite the natural resources available to small islands. RE-SAT has been developed by the Institute for Environmental Analytics to provide effective, practical and reliable support for governments, utilities, investors and other stakeholders in SIDS.

How does RE-SAT help the transition to renewable energy?

The new video ‘Introduction To RE-SAT’ is a useful, easy-to-follow introduction to RE-SAT for governments and utilities in other locations.

RE-SAT can:

  • Improve renewable energy planning through high resolution power estimates.
  • Increase investor confidence in renewable energy through accurate energy generation projections.
  • Optimise the location of renewable energy infrastructure for production, whilst maintaining awareness of constraints such as protected areas and existing infrastructure, visualised as GIS layers.
  • Save money on redundant infrastructure by sizing schemes more accurately.
  • Increase productivity through collaborative working using the online data repository to share relevant energy data and documentation with key stakeholders, such as policy makers, energy planners, utility companies and regulators.
  • Optimise location of lengthy and costly field surveys needed to secure investment for renewable energy.
  • Reduce risk of financial exposure to multi-year variability in power production due to naturally occurring fluctuations such as El Niño Southern Oscillation.

Which SIDS are already using RE-SAT?

With funding from the UK Space Agency International Partnerships Programme (IPP), the IEA is rolling out
RE-SAT to Montserrat, Mauritius, Palau, St Lucia, Tonga and Vanuatu after a successful pilot in the Seychelles.


Jon Blower, CTO at the Institute for Environmental Analytics, commented: “RE-SAT is meeting the world’s need for reliable renewable energy in the face of our changing climate, building confidence in clean energy among governments and utility companies as well as investors. It is making a real difference to governments’ abilities to meet their Paris Agreement renewables targets.”


Watch the RE-SAT video

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Click to watch the ‘Introduction To RE-SAT’ video.