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Space4Climate is a public-private-academic partnership working collaboratively to ensure a seamless supply chain for climate data from space. Our collective ambition is that the UK leads the world in trusted climate expertise and products.

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Space4Climate will have a stand just by the IEMA sustainability theatre at the EMEX show 21-22 November, London, which is targeted towards all involved in the energy saving supply chain.  Emex is the annual Energy Management Exhibition which attracts businesses, third party intermediaries, training suppliers, government and public bodies, providing a platform for them to meet and establish partnerships to accelerate the adoption and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in order to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.


What we do

We support the UK’s world-leading climate community to deliver, sustain and make use of climate information from space, enabling it to be integrated “as standard” in a variety of climate services for global economic and societal benefit.

We do this by coordinating activities, expertise and resources across our partners to:

  • Expand market uptake domestically and internationally, raising the profile of UK expertise, products and services, identifying climate services user requirements and facilitating and brokering new market growth opportunities.
  • Sustain and grow the network, expanding our community by developing and maintaining lists of UK providers, and building community capacity by providing training and alerts to funding sources.
  • Support delivery of a seamless supply chain, by identifying new requirements and barriers to provision and sustainability, and working together to address these.

Find out more in our Strategic Plan.

Who we are

We are a network of UK based public, private and academic organisations involved in the seamless supply chain of climate data from satellites through to production of climate information and integration into services.

The group is coordinated and hosted by the Institute for Environmental Analytics. Coordination of the group and our activities to grow awareness, use and uptake of climate data from space are resourced by group members in kind and with financial contributions. Financial contributions for the period 2017-2019 have been provided by:

History and achievements

Since it was initiated in late 2013, Space4Climate (formerly known as CDSSG) has had a positive impact throughout the UK climate data community through consultations, engagement, raising awareness, supporting funding bids and industry-focused studies. One of its most successful impacts has been in helping the UK community take advantage of EU funding opportunities and ensuring that the UK’s priorities are communicated coherently and effectively to organisations such as the European Space Agency.

Space4Climate has a proven track record in:

  • Building links along the entire climate data supply chain, from raw satellite data to end user products, bringing together experts in data, infrastructure, science and applications
  • Influencing the development of the UK’s key infrastructure assets, to meet the particular requirements of exploiting climate data from space
  • Supporting UK organisations competing for funding for projects involving climate data, including the Copernicus Climate Change Service where UK organisations have had particular success
  • Achieving a clear representation of UK priorities in the ESA Climate Change Initiative through consultations across the UK climate data community
  • Delivering consultations on priorities to feed into the EC’s Horizon 2020 programme, and UK science investment strategy

In 2016, the Space4Climate group was instrumental in setting up the Climate-Data from Space Zone, which delivers dedicated storage, processing and software resources to the climate data providers’ community.

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about uses and applications of climate data from space, check out our news items and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Please complete our short subscription form if you are:

  • interested in making use of climate data from space and have a project or activity in mind
  • a provider of products or services, based in the UK, making use of climate data from space -let us know if you wish to add your project or service to our portfolio
  • an organisation, based in the UK, connected with the technology and platforms involved in the delivery of climate data from space and wish to be kept informed of our seamless supply chain activities.

If you would be willing to represent the Space4Climate group domestically and/or internationally, sign up to be a climate space data ambassador here.

If you would like further information about the Space4Climate group, please email s4c@the-iea.org

Climate Data visualisation
Visualisation of climate data from space. PHOTO: IEA / Emma Sheppard

Find out more about climate data from space:

Space4Climate and the UK Space Agency hosted a free Climate Data From Space Workshop on July 5, 2016. You can download the course presentations hereFive of the presentations, including a Science Overview by Prof Chris Merchant and a Policy Overview by Prof Richard Brook, were filmed and are on the Institute for Environmental Analytics You Tube channel here.

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