Putting cutting-edge climate change information into the hands of decision-makers

A new website and supporting handbook launched today (March 23, 2021) bring ready access to climate change information for a wide range of decision-makers in China.

The Climate Science for Service Partnership (CSSP) China is a very successful and productive research collaboration between around 200 scientists in China and the UK, led by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP CAS) and the Met Office.

Since 2014 it has produced an astonishing 340+ published research papers and now many of the new climate science and prototype climate services have been made available to a wider audience of decision-makers in industry and government by the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) as the final outputs of an 18 month project, supported by the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund (supported in the UK by the Newton Fund).

Utilising the key IEA skills of translating scientific research into actionable intelligence, the project team has worked closely with climate researchers in the UK and China to develop a suite of knowledge products to support future R&D and policymaking:

    • A number of interactive data visualisation tools for city planners, infrastructure designers and engineers in the built environment, health services and the agricultural and water sectors.
    • A series of ‘climate explainers’ designed for those making strategic decisions in sectors that are directly and indirectly affected by the impacts of our changing climate.
    • A new website, viewpoint-cssp.org with a searchable catalogue of published papers and a comprehensive guide to climate terminology in Chinese and English, where resources can be freely downloaded and shared.
    • An online compendium of interviews and resources in Mandarin and English plus features on the key climatic themes of CSSP China.
    • Briefing notes collating a range of information sources relating to pressing climate topics in a digestible format with clear signposts to the underpinning science.
    • Training resources for a wide range of technical abilities, including step-by-step video guides on how to use the data tools.

The website and handbook have been welcomed by climate experts in China and by the British Ambassador to China, Dame Caroline Wilson.

Dame Caroline Wilson DCMG, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, says in her foreword in the handbook:Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time, it is remarkable how far we have come in our understanding, yet we are not doing enough to limit dangerous climate change.

“The UK and China are global leaders in science and technology, together we produce knowledge at the forefront of human understanding. With both countries investing record amounts in science and technology and leading by example with pledges to become net zero economies around the middle of the century, the stage is set for the UK and China to address the challenge of climate change head on.”

Professor Lianchun Song, Director-General of the National Climate Centre of the CMA, says in the handbook: “Over the past seven years, we have carried out in-depth co-operative research and development in the areas of detection and attribution of extreme events, large-scale climate dynamics and climate model development, achieving a lot of results. What is more gratifying is that these results have been widely applied to climate services in China.”

Professor Tianjun Zhou, Director General of IAP, says: “On behalf of the IAP, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the UK and Chinese scientists participating in CSSP China for their productive work, and to the Newton Fund, the Met Office, China Meteorological Administration and the Bureau of International Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for their strong support. We look forward to having more fruitful results from China-UK cooperation in the future.”

About CSSP China:

CSSP China is a collaboration with the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP CAS), Chinese universities and UK universities and organisations, which are led by the Met Office, the UK’s national meteorological service. The CSSP China project started in 2014, supported by the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund (supported in the UK by the Newton Fund).

About VIEWpoint and the Institute for Environmental Analytics:

VIEWpoint is a CSSP China project delivered by the Institute for Environmental Analytics, a UK organisation, that has produced a wide range of high-quality data products and materials to support evidence-based decision-making to address climate risks around the world, working closely with international governments. Visit www.the-iea.org or email info@the-iea.org

VIEWpoint CSSP China English handbook cover and a QR link to the website www.viewpoint-cssp.org
Use the QR code to open the VIEWpoint CSSP China website and choose to read in either English or Chinese.
The cover of the English language version of the VIEWpoint CSSP China handbook
The cover of the Chinese language version of the VIEWpoint CSSP China handbook
The English and Chinese versions of the VIEWpoint CSSP handbooks are freely available online https://www.viewpoint-cssp.org/handbook