Network management centres

Network management centres face increasing demands and challenges in responding efficiently and effectively to incoming environmental data on operational status whether in the power supply sector, transport services or in crisis management situations such as severe weather, including fog, flooding or drought.

Using data science techniques, such as machine learning, we can build reactive, responsive decision support systems to exploit incoming data on operational status, exploiting situational intelligence.

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Infrastructure electricity pylons

Built environment

Emerging technologies and scientific advances are moving at such a pace that architects, civil engineers, designers and developers are racing to deliver their benefits into our built environment. We can map natural capital and demonstrate how to preserve and enhance it.

We have proven expertise in communicating environmental big data to a wide range of stakeholders with varying technical knowledge.

Read how our inspiring visualisations support informed decisions based on an understanding of complex data, making a real difference to the urban environments.

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Workshop for built environment and natural capital visualization of environmental infrastructure data

Monitoring land use

Competing demands for land use make it increasingly important to make informed decisions about using it wisely.

Using environmental analytics and Earth Observation capabilities we have developed a land use change detection system.

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Land change use system using EO