<p>An illustration of possible solar panel placement</p>

There is a desire to decarbonise current and future energy needs with ambitious targets being set for developing capacity to produce and consume clean energy.

In this project we worked with a large R&D organisation to help them strategically plan their energy transition journey across a series of landholdings and research sites with mixed-use building stock. The client was keen to understand the potential for integrating solar, wind and BESS into their existing energy infrastructure.


Our energy analysts provided comprehensive site and yield assessment of the potential for developing solar and wind capacity, detailed analysis of the associated economics of different options and strategic insights into how best to manage the utilisation of a portfolio of intermittent generation assets.

The work draws on several of our key competencies and tools, including the use of our generation modelling software – EnergyMetric – to plan different scenarios with varying cost implications and the potential to offset electricity demand and deliver reductions in carbon emissions.



The analysis is enabled through integration of a 10- year high resolution weather simulation. The on-site generation analysis is complemented with a further assessment into the potential for battery storage considering a number of use cases: peak shaving, load shifting and energy arbitrage.


By the end of the project the client had a thorough understanding of the generation potential from existing assets and extent to which the additional capacity could contribute to existing and future demand whilst reducing CO2 emissions. The client also benefitted from much greater awareness of the potential from renewables leading to a further phase of analysis to explore more ambitious strategies including storage and the detailed quantification of additional revenue opportunities.

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