Watch our new trailers

With our first IEA FREE online course underway you can watch our new trailers showing highlights from Prof Ed Hawkins on his climate spiral, Dr Tom August on citizen science and Dr Victoria Bennett on super computers. It’s not too late to sign up for the Future Learn course ‘Big Data and the Environment’

Try the ECEM demonstrator

The European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM) demonstrator, developed by the IEA for the Copernicus Climate Change Service, is now available online. It allows users to explore high quality data sets to assess how well energy supply will meet demand in Europe over different time horizons and is designed to support decision-making in the energy industry and by policy makers. Visit and contribute your feedback. More on the IEA’s role on our Project page.

IEA Big Data Mooc

A free and fast way to update your skills on Big Data and the Environment with our new MOOC, starting on October 30. In just 3 hours for 3 weeks go behind the scenes of everyday use of big data  and learn about the potential of environmental big data to unlock solutions to your challenges. You will discover the issues and insights that come with analysing environmental data, the types of environmental data, and understand the skills of a data scientist. Crucially, you will learn the value of environmental data analysis for use in research and business, examining examples from satellites to statistics.  Register today

RE-SAT workshop is a success

The latest news on RE-SAT – our renewable energy planning tool project with the UN Development Programme, Government of Seychelles and the UK Space Agency IPP programme – is that Seychelles stakeholders have had a hands-on experience during a workshop. The IEA project team held the workshop this week (July 10-14) outlining progress on the proof-of-concept demonstrator that combines EO data and ground observations to support renewable energy planning in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Read more about RE-SAT on our Projects page.

IEA chosen to join UN showcase

The IEA’s innovative renewable energy project – RE-SAT – was selected to feature in the UN’s Public Service Forum 2017 in The Hague on Friday, June 23. Our success in using satellite and environmental data to develop a proof-of-concept energy planning tool is supporting the Government of Seychelles in transitioning to renewable energy. The IEA technical team return to Seychelles in July to meet with the Energy Minister and stakeholder CEOs. More on RE-SAT on our Projects page.

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