Data insight into environmental challenges

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy. RE-SAT

Leveraging our skills in data science and statistical modelling, our energy sector work includes natural resource assessments for solar, wind and wave, identifying location constraints for siting new developments, renewable power estimation and reducing energy costs through industrial process optimisation.


Our ability to visualise and interrogate large volumes of urban data supports our work helping business and governments to understand the challenges of climate change and the environment on the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure.

Food & Agriculture

We work with clients in the agriculture sector to track and measure environmental factors affecting production, to understand weather and climate risk and to utilise machine learning and advanced visualisation to uncover insights from diverse data sources such as satellites or sensors.

Delivering value from big data

The IEA focusses on 3 areas – late stage research, development of software applications and training.

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