Renewable energy modelling

We are increasingly active in the energy sector, providing technical support to a range of organisations to help assess the impact of weather and climate on the energy sector. Our work includes solar and wind generation planning, energy transition modelling, assessing the impact of extreme weather on energy networks and analysing the role of renewables in energy markets.

Unlock the power of environmental analysis

With access to global meteorological and climate information, satellite-based observations and cloud-based modelling capability, our experts can help you understand the impact of the environment on your business. From short data modelling projects to strategic assessments of the impact of extreme weather on supply chains or operations, we can help you better quantify environmental change.

Bespoke software and data visualisation

We specialise in the development of software tools that help you gain critical insight from data. From bespoke data visualisations to automating a workflow or developing new tools or prototypes, our engineers will help you turn environmental and business data into actionable information that supports your business-critical decision making.

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Our commercial software products have been developed entirely in-house as a result of long-term R&D projects with clients. Provided on a SaaS-basis they are designed to provide users with deep insight into impact of weather and climate variability on renewable energy generation and risk management in the agri-food sector.

EnergyMetric is cutting-edge SaaS software to support the energy transition. From utility-scale solar and wind projects through to complex hybrid portfolios and national roadmaps, EnergyMetric supports accurate generation planning and assessment of renewable energy developments.

WeatherAsset turns global weather data into strategic insight for companies across the food supply chain, saving time and effort assessing how the weather might impact crop prices, quality, demand and supply. From a single farm to hundreds of locations worldwide, WeatherAsset makes it easy to undertake real time analysis of weather impacts.

Project Stories


Providing software engineering support for new Sustainability platform

We have recently started a new technology development project with UK-based start-up - InForecast Limited. The IEA team will be providing software engineering services to support the early-stage development of a prototype commercial software platform. The Sustainability...

Rainfall modelling in Oman

We are pleased to have been awarded a contract from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth and Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman to undertake a statistical analysis of the results of the national rainfall enhancement programme between 2019-2021. The national rainfall...

Assessing climate impacts on horticulture

We are pleased to have recently completed a project looking at the potential impact of climate change on fresh produce growing regions in South Africa. The work was undertaken for Halls, a large multinational farming business with over 125 years of growing experience on the...

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