Our Vision

We live on a changing planet: environmental shocks are becoming more frequent and impacts are felt across all business sectors. At the same time our ability to sense the environment around us grows exponentially. From terrestrial-based IoT devices to Earth Observation satellites, vast repositories of data are now able to help model these changes.

Our vision is to harness the power of big data using our cutting-edge expertise in big data analytics and visualisation to the benefit of your organisation, providing meaningful and effective communication of data to give you commercial value.

Our skills are making a difference all around the world, for governments and businesses, across all sectors. Find out how we can make a difference for your business, email info@the-iea.org


Some members of the IEA team talking around a table

Meet the IEA Team – leading the way in innovative solutions ranging from data visualisation and climate resilience to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

IEA Partners

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The IEA’s network of Partners reaches around the globe, supporting us in supporting you to address your data challenges.


Data scientists at work at the IEA

The IEA is expanding rapidly and current vacancies will be advertised here during recruitment periods. We also post notifications of vacancies on Twitter and LinkedIn