The WCSSP brings together weather and climate expertise from the UK and partner countries to focus on the global challenges of climate and extreme weather events. It is funded in the UK by the Newton Fund and delivered by the UK Met Office. 

Since 2014 more than 90 research projects have advanced knowledge of weather and climate science, created new or improved weather and climate services and strengthened the weather and climate resilience of vulnerable communities around the world.

To promote this activity to a wider audience of non-specialist policymakers and businesses, the IEA was commissioned by the Met Office in 2021 to develop a range of technical and promotional materials to showcase some of the key findings and opportunities for climate action from the linked Brazilian CSSP Programme across the key thematic areas of (i) carbon cycle, net zero budgets, ecosystem analysis and land-use (ii) climate modelling, especially of rainfall predictability and processes and (iii) climate impacts modelling for disaster risk reduction and alerting

Our design and communications team developed a range of bespoke resources highlighting key findings and data in language accessible to policymakers and NGOs, as well as making business and industry aware of potential new climate services such as fire forecasting, drought and flood monitoring. The work also included the development of 2 bespoke software tools for visualising and interrogating specific climate analysis datasets.


The project lasted 9 months and involved an intensive series of meetings with key researchers, the Met Office and the CSSP Brazil programme partners. These included the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE), the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), Brazil's National Centre for Monitoring and Early Warning of Natural Disasters (CEMADEN) as well as British Embassy staff in Brazil.


The final outputs of the project included a series of briefing papers and videos on a range of climate topics, a programme handbook with feature articles and interviews, a series of infographics and 2 software visualisations on river level forecasting and extra-tropical rainfall. 


The material produced during the project was all were brought together on a new website designed and built by the IEA team and launched at a virtual event hosted by the British Embassy in Sao Paulo. 

"We are excited to launch VIEWPoint Brazil, a resource that shares the world-class scientific research from CSSP Brazil in an accessible and creative way...[and] as a reference to build understanding and inform decision-making.” 

Peter Wilson Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Brazil

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