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We are pleased to have been awarded a contract from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth and Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman to undertake a statistical analysis of the results of the national rainfall enhancement programme between 2019-2021. The national rainfall enhancement project has the aim of enhancing the amount of rainfall in order to increase the groundwater level and reduce the water deficit. The project uses ions emitter stations. These spread negatively charged ions which are transported by dust atoms and rising air to the clouds to stimulate precipitation. In order for these stations to operate with high efficiency, certain climatic conditions such as high humidity and rising air currents are required. Twelve rainfall enhancement stations have installed since 2013, including ten stations distributed on the eastern and western Hajar Mountains and two stations on the mountains of Dhofar Governorate. The results of this report will indicate if the rainfall enhancement project has had positive effects on rainfall and water resources.

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