Wind and Solar

Our data scientists are working with an innovative energy business in South Africa to explore the potential for optimising their trading activity.

Accessing a portfolio of clean energy providers is often beyond the remit of an individual corporate client, sourcing clean energy through a third-party energy trader can unlock this opportunity. However, energy traders need to manage this intermittency, which is often described as shape, or volume risk. Traders must also determine how best to use discreet blocks of energy from multiple generators on the supply side to meet demand from multiple off-takers on the demand side.

Using our in-house software, EnergyMetric, our team will be modelling generation profiles from solar and wind facilities and then comparing these against likely energy demand from different customers across the country. If successful, this will enable our client to build out the supply side of the business and meet the variable demand requirements of multiple energy customers within specific regional areas.

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