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We recently partnered with clean tech start-up Ilosta to provide bespoke meteorological data and weather consultancy in support of the testing of their new wind turbine blade analysis software, ‘Crack Map’. The innovative software leverages a range of data sources and utilises a novel physics-based AI algorithm to predict blade defects, thereby improving the reliability and increasing the lifespan of turbines.

As part of a test project, the IEA weather modelling team provided Ilosta with a 10-year weather time series for a wind development zone in Scotland. The data was supplied at a 1km spatial resolution with 10-minute time steps and relevant weather variables (such as wind speed, hail and rain) at 50, 100, 150 and 200m heights. The data provided a rich characterisation of weather history in support of Ilosta’s technical analysis of blade defects.

We look forward to supporting the Ilosta team as they develop their technology within the renewables industry.

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