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Dyna-mo Instruments

Software engineers at the IEA recently provided technical consultancy to UK-based Dyna-mo Instruments to develop an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution to deploy their new SaaS-based remote monitoring software into AWS.

The innovative new platform will enable customers to manage multiple projects via a single login covering a wide variety of remote monitoring applications. Key to the development of the platform is the wide array of sensor types and data that the platform can visualise in intuitive and relevant graphics.

The IEA consultants utilised the IaC DevOps methodology to provision the client’s cloud infrastructure using code rather than defining infrastructure components manually. This can help speed up the development of solutions and ensure a consistent deployment for different environments.

Utilising tools such as S3, Kinesis Firehose, Lambda, Amazon Glue and Amazon Athena, our DevOps engineers designed the system to be flexible enough to handle sensor data adhering to multiple schemas and ensured there was data alignment and transformation allowing data to be viewed easily in customer-facing dashboards. In addition, the solution was designed to be future-proof in terms of scalability and cost-effectiveness.

“Working with IEA has been of enourmous value to this project. The team at IEA took time to ensure they had fully understood our requirements and provided great flexibility to support both our immediate needs and future ambitions for the platform.”
Toby Cottam – Managing Direction, Dyna-mo Instruments.

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