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We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded an initial 2-month Discovery Phase project to investigate the potential for developing a weather and climate monitoring platform for UK Power Networks, one of the UK’s leading DNOs (Distribution Network Operators).

The WARN project aims to improve the resilience and robustness of the power network during extreme weather events. The project will assess the feasibility of developing an integrated digital solution that monitors weather and climate-related asset vulnerabilities across three relevant time horizons:

a. Short-term (up to seven day-ahead forecasting)

b. Seasonal (three-six month ahead outlooks)

c. Long-term (10-50 year ahead climate projections)

If implemented, the platform will enable UK Power Networks to make decisions that will reduce the scope and scale of weather-related disruptions as well as improve longer-term network resilience planning, keeping the lights on for the 20 million customers across the network.

The WARN project is funded through the Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund, managed by UKRI.

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